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Auction bid rules

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  • 1.The auction is on-line
  • 2.The auction SAA is held 5 days / week (from Monday till Friday)
  • 3.The auction starts at 12.00 and ends at 09.00 (Singapore time)
  • 4.On-line you can control your stakes and participate in the auction
  • 5.Only registered participants who payed the security deposit may participate in the auction SAA
  • 6.Each lot has its start price
  • 7.When the stake is made the sum of your stake and your ID will be shown in 'Stake' and 'ID'
  • 8.The time left before the end of the auction is shown by the counter down.
  • 9.If before the time is over, nobody offers a greater sum for the lot you have chosen, the lot will be sold to you. You'll be informed about it by e-mail.
  • 10. If during 30 minutes somebody offers a greater sum, the time for the lot will be prolonged.
  • 11. When the time is over, the lot won't be shown in Current Offers. If you decide to sell the lot, it will be shown in the Sale Statistics.
  • 12. The sum of the minimum stake is $100.


To preview current offers and sale statistics it is necessary guest ID and password. A person/ company which is going to become a registered participant of the auto-auction get guest ID and password.
The administration of the auction is to take measures according to the 'User Agreement' in case of giving the information to other persons or displaying it on web-sites.
Guest ID / password are changed regularly: every Sunday at 00.00 (time of Singapore).
The expired guest password can be inquired again. The number of repetition of inquires is limited.

To get the entrance guest information you should fill in the application form in 'Registration' correctly.
The access is given if the information is full and correct. Guest ID and password are sent by e-mail (after the manager processes your inquiry).

If you want to continue the cooperation with SAA, enter the system using your guest ID and inquire the activation of your registration information in 'Account Activation', before it you should read and accept the 'User Agreement' SAA.
After your application form is processing by managers SAA, you will get to your e-mail the bill to pay the security deposit. Print the received bill and pay it in the bank. When the money is remitted to the auction account, you will get a personal ID and password of the participant of the auction, then you will be able to participate in the auction.

Car evaluation:
- Cars are examined and valued by Singapore Auto Auction experts. The information about the car condition (scratches, dents, mileage, technical condition, salon condition) is on the auction sheet. Also pictures of the salon and the car body are displayed. This information let you state the value of the car and make a stake.

Singapore Auto Auction is responsible for the car transportation, its shipment on the ship bound for the nearest port. As SAA cooperates closely with transport companies, the delivery of your car will not take much time.

Best wishes.