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Registration process

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Unit 1 - Getting a temporary quest login

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Step 1 - Here you should get acquainted with 'User Agreement SAA'.
If you agree to all the points, mark 'I accept the contract SAA' and click 'Next'.


Step2 - Fill in all the fields of the registration form marked (*). It won't take much time and will make the processing of your stake quicker.
After filling in all the necessary fields click 'Send'. If the form is not filled in correctly, you'll be informed about it. Correct the mistake and again click 'Send'.


Step 3 - If you fill in the form correctly, you'll get 'Registration is successfully done'. After your application form is processed by the manager, you'll get registration information to enter the auction to your e-mail address. So, you'll have to wait a little while your application form is processing.

Step 4 - Entering the auction with a quest login. Use a temporary quest login to enter SAA, show the received ID and password in the form, click the button to the right.

Step 5 - The information about the work of the auction. You may get to know how the auction works, using a temporary guest login.
A quest login has some restrictions:
- You cannot stake and buy cars;
- A personal room of the participant is not available.
A temporary login is valid during a week. While it is valid you may review current offers and sale statistics.


Unit 2 - Activation of a personal login.
When you decide to continue the registration, enter the site SAA using your guest login and choose in the menu 'Account Activation'.

Step 1
You will get the User Agreement. You must accept it realizing its sense and being absolutely sure you are ready to become a full member of the on-line auction with all the responsibility.
To do it click 'Accept'.

Step 2
You must give your e-mail address. Which you already gave in Unit 1 of registration and click 'Send'.

Step 3
After your application form is processing by managers SAA, you will get to your e-mail the bill for the security deposit, which you must pay in order to become a full member of the on-line auction SAA. Print the received bill and pay $1000. ( in US dollars or in any other convertible currency). If you also want to take part in Japan auction, you must pay $2000 for the 'security deposit'. To get the bill for this sum address managers SAA.

Step 4
After you remit the money to the account Asia Global Holding, the manager will activate your personal account (login) and you will get the registration information to enter the auction by e-mail. Now using your personal login you will be able to stake, buy cars, and review the history of purchases in your personal room, presented bills, marks, the history of financial operations and on.